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data information intelligence and Boston Healthcare Announce Global Life Sciences Data Commercialization Partnership

Data Information Intelligence GmbH (dii), a leading player within the IVD and medical imaging market research industry, announced a new partnership with Boston Healthcare Associates, Inc. (Boston Healthcare) to develop and commercialize life sciences data and analytics for biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

dii and Boston Healthcare will provide a joint offering combining strategic consulting for market value and market access strategies with a deep dive into real world data derived from dii databases and healthcare market research which includes data from over 2,400 hospitals and labs, with detailed insights on clinical diagnostics testing volumes, trends, systems, and reagents used for over 50 diagnostic tests in over 1,500 labs.

“We are excited to announce this new agreement with Boston Healthcare”, says Kathrin Franke, CEO of data information intelligence GmbH. “Our long-term aim is it to be able to develop analytical routines and tools to calculate the economic value of faster and better diagnostic products.” In vitro diagnostics (IVD) has a considerable impact on patient management. Appropriate testing allows for early interventions leading to more optimal, patient specific, treatment decisions which can reduce later complications and thus impact healthcare expenditure. However, as of today the economic benefits of appropriate testing are rarely described. There is a lack of a more holistic definition of “costs of care” and an appropriate measurement matrix. Costs are considered as an expense per item and patient management traditionally focuses on treatment selection and associated costs. Healthcare providers are largely unaware of how these costs are related to patient outcomes.”

The partnership between Boston Healthcare and dii will provide biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies with unparalleled access to detailed datasets and customizable reports regarding the global market for diagnostic tests.

About Data Information Intelligence GmbH (dii)

Data Information Intelligence GmbH (dii) is a leading provider of market research and business intelligence for global diagnostics and medical device industries in Europe. In addition to custom-tailored projects, dii provides detailed data reports for market size and market trends of diagnostic tests and laboratory installations.

About Boston Healthcare

Boston Healthcare helps biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies unlock the value of innovation in the global health care marketplace. With offices in Boston, Berlin, and Shanghai Boston Healthcare provides reimbursement and market access strategy services, health economics and outcomes research, market analytics and pricing strategy, and business development support to innovative life sciences clients worldwide.

The partnership between Boston Healthcare and dii combines strategic consulting with insights from real world data to help understand healthcare and life science products and their markets.