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Services for respondents

Manufacturers of diagnostic products must continuously validate and adapt their product ideas together with the users in order to ensure that their offering meets the customer's needs. For this, they often hire independent market research companies to question potential users in various regions in accordance with their goals. This can happen in the form of a telephone call, face to face (personal interview) or group discussions.

This way companies can learn how to optimize their offerings and how to design them more suitably to the customer's needs.

This is data information intelligence, an independent market research company, specialized in the healthcare industry with a strong focus on lab diagnostics and medical devices.

What are we doing?

  • We interview experts in healthcare and listen to their opinions, suggestions, complaints and wishes.
  • Our team of analysts evaluates the answers from a professional point of view and interprets the results with the greatest care attention to the respective national and regional conditions and laws. We interpret the results and contribute to the right and trendsetting decisions for the product development.

Who participates in our surveys?

Medical experts in different positions and from different fields: medical consultants, lab managers, specialized physicians, lab technicians, MLS's, among others.

What do participants get from cooperating with us?

Be part of the decisions by letting the manufacturers know about your opinions and concerns:

  • You are one of the first to be informed about new ideas and products.
  • You receive a summary of the results and can compare your facility with that of your colleagues.

Even sometimes a compensation is offered through:

  • Direct bank transfer to you or your organization.
  • Amazon vouchers.
  • Donation in your name to an international aid organization. We collected approximately 10,000 € last year to benefit various organizations such as "Doctors without Borders".

We believe in the continuity and long-term nature of our partnerships in order to develop understanding and trust in meaningful and trendsetting market research amongst the participants of our studies.

Being a part of this partnership means you will receive noncommittal invitations to one of our surveys from time to time, during which we draw on your experience and knowledge in order to get representative results. The participation will be compensated either by monetary means or by disclosure of project specific summaries.

The collected data will be used for statistical purposes. Personal data will never be passed onto third parties.

If you want to become a part of our network of experts, please contact Michael Lindner.