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We partner with other international companies in the areas of field research and software programming.

Finding the best partners for our industry-specific and complex tasks can be difficult. Therefore data information intelligence invests in long-term business relations in order to ensure globalism and up to date technical and quality standards.

ulnet internet - marketing has been at our side since the founding of data information intelligence in 2006. They create software with consistency, quality and the fast adaption to customer needs in mind. ulnet internet - marketing developed CAP - one of our most important and widely used internal tools.

We were looking for a CATI-system that fulfills our high standards of flexibility and applicability but is also easy to use and program. In 2010, we found Data Illusion's product Feedbackserver which we currently use in version 5.3. Due to the high level of adaptability of Feedbackserver, we were able to integrate the CATI principle fully into our contact and project management.

The Emmes Group is a marketing consulting company with specialization in in-vitro diagnostics industry and a focus on the United States.

The Emmes Group and dii are long-term business partners, having executed multiple global projects together. Our clients profit from the seamless integration of international teams and a joint understanding for the specific challenges of market research in the field of lab diagnostics.

EAC is an US based strategic consulting and business development company specialized in IVD markets and aligned industries. Together we realize international projects, where data information intelligence (dii)is responsible for the European project parts.

Strategic consulting company focusing on market access: reimbursement and the health economic environment. The two companies offer mutually complementing skills and capabilities: Boston Healthcare has expertise in developing market access and commercialization strategies; data information intelligence (dii) has strong capabilities in executing healthcare market research with physicians globally.

HIMSS is a global organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). HIMSS leads efforts to optimize health engagements and care outcomes using information technology. HIMSS produces health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world. Being our next door office neighbor we realize international market research on behalf of HIMSS.