Newsletter September 2017


Medical fairs: do you measure the impact of your investment yet?

A lot of money, time and effort may be spent presenting and attending conferences and exhibitions. However, the success of such an investment often goes unrecorded. In contrast to other business areas, it is not usual to measure the outcome of such efforts, even though these events are a great place to do so. Establishing ROI can also help determine where to participate in future.


What can be measured and why should you do it?

Our services can help you to optimize your trade show presence by identifying potentials for improvements, benchmarking your trade show presence against competitors and recognizing which marketing messages or products visitors will really remember after visiting your booth.
Futher possible topics are related to the booth design, the staff, promotional material and the evaluation of scientific speakers.


Anonymized slide of customer specific report "ECCMID 2017 Booth Evaluation".
ECCMID stands for "European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases". We are conducting the "dii ECMID Booth Evaluation" since 5 years and are in addition running customer specific market research projects at this congress.


Fairs are a great platform for market research

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great platform for product or service related market research. Most often, the relevant users are already on site and it’s a quick way to reach out to them.
Basically, all kinds of market research can be performed during a congress or conference: Pricing studies, testing of product or service concepts, testing of marketing messages … the list goes on.


So honestly, why aren’t you measuring the impact of your fair and congress participation yet?


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Florian Poffo | Marketing & Business Development