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We are data information intelligence:

A leading source of healthcare data, market information and business intelligence.

data information intelligence (dii) is a global consultancy and market research institute with focus on the diagnostic market, medical devices and imaging.

We support strategic business decisions: measure market potentials, develop market models, identify user demands and evaluate the validity of new product and business concepts.

This Business Intelligence enables our clients to minimize risks and convert business opportunities into commercial successes. We have proven this promise in over 300 successfully projects since 2006.

Our clients range from leading medical companies to start ups, scientific institutions and other market research and consulting companies. 

As of October 2018, we became a business unit of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Combined with the portfolio and scale of the EIU, we can now provide even more comprehensive solutions for global clients within the healthcare market.


We systematically collect data using a variety of global sources and standardized, computer-based survey procedures. We recommend the optimal blend of different methods: telephone or face-to-face interviews, focus groups or online panels. The collection of data is always taking place in mother tongue thanks to our multilingual interviewer and moderator teams.


The collected data is evaluated with sophisticated statistical analysis to flexibly respond to nuanced questions which arise during the consulting services. We use well established methods of market and social research, for instance conjoint analysis, price sensitivity analysis, cluster analysis, regression models and Net Promoter Score®.


Analytical results of market research substantiate informed decisions. Our role is the interpretation of the results, the deduction of practical conclusions or recommendations in the context of the particular situation of our client and the identification of alternative scenarios.

Global Access

The technical setup and infrastructure of data information intelligence adapts to the current needs and guidelines of contact management, data handling, data protection and system stability in all aspects.

Our comprehensive contact database contains more than 60,000 profiles of healthcare institutions classified by type (hospital, laboratory, blood bank, physician office, veterinarian, etc.), size and ownership. This database is constantly verified and updated via our research projects. We estimate that our database covers >95% of all hospitals and independent/private laboratories in Western Europe. The knowledge derived from this database forms the basis for sampling, market segmentation and projections.

We have realized global projects with:

  • Laboratories of all specialization
  • Physicians: anesthesiologist, cancer specialists, cardiologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, infection control / hygienists, microbiologists, OB/GYN, neurologists, pathologists, pediatrics, psychiatrists, pulmonologists, radiologists, surgeons, urologist,…
  • GPs
  • Nurses (ICU nurses/ nurse midwives/ head nurses)
  • Physical therapists
  • Payers and specialty society leaders