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Our knowledge is your advantage. data information intelligence is one of the most competent partners in international medical market research and strategic business Intelligence and Diagnostic Marketing Consulting in Europe.

We understand the healthcare structures, purchase processes, scientific terminology and context subtleties which make market research in the medical industry so challenging. Our proprietary contact data base contains information from more than 60,000 facilities including hospitals, laboratories, blood banks together with the experience from over 300 international consulting projects are the platform for your success.

Yes, we can:

  • Implement complex international projects. The advantage stems from consistent information flows and standardized processes.
  • Combine globalism with the understanding of regional differences in culture and mentality, which are just as critical when it comes to extracting relevance, opportunities and ideas.
  • Utilize synergetic effects and work through our interdisciplinary team of statisticians, psychologists, economists and medical experts on many levels.
  • Offer on request modular combinations of different research methods in order to minimize costs and to ensure high quality results.
  • Work transparently across all steps of the project.

Our offer:

We discuss expectations and goals with our clients, develop the most appropriate course of action, ensure involvement of all key stakeholders at all project stages and organize feedback sessions accordingly.

Having us as your partner can help to minimize risks and turn business opportunities into commercial successes, whether launching first-to-market products, entering new markets or expanding existing markets.

  • product concept verification and refinement
  • market size & segmentation
  • growth prognosis & modeling
  • customer analysis & customer segmentation
  • price analysis & optimization
  • analysis of sales channels
  • competition information & benchmarking
  • distribution analysis
  • customer satisfaction
  • sales optimization & lead generation
  • market penetration, popularity
  • product & customer diversification
  • optimization of marketing & communication documents