Healthcare Market Research Makes a Change

Healthcare Market Research Makes a Change

Healthcare market research is a necessary part of advancing medicine since any change needs structure and a direction. Every physician gains a multitude of experiences and knowledge with a number of medical products as well as patients. Together, with input from others (scientists, patients, researchers, manufacturers, technicians), we can help to shape the changing diagnostics landscape. Participating in healthcare market research is participating in innovation. It gives change a necessary direction and it supports the development of better medical products that will benefit all of us: healthcare professionals, patients, healthcare delivery.

We at data information intelligence (dii) stand for innovative, high-quality healthcare market research.

In the past 10 years we have supported innovative medical products by conscientiously listening to thousands of physicians in more than 50 countries. Our multi-lingual project teams function as translators between healthcare professionals and manufacturers.



Join our vision and come to our booth #131 at ECCMID our subscribe to our expert panel.

Look behind the scenes of market research. We welcome your participation in our current projects. Topics center around ideas to fight the burden of hospital acquired infections, an assessment of the ECCMID technical exhibition and an innovative Point of Care Test.

Healthcare market research impacts medical innovation and improves the delivery of patient care. Be part of it.