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Expert Panel

Our global network consists of medical specialists from a wide range of disciplines: radiologists, surgeons, private practitioners, lab technicians, lab managers, nurses and hospital directors.

Who are we?

We, data information intelligence GmbH, are an independent market research and consulting company, specialized solely in the healthcare industry with a strong focus on lab diagnostics and medical devices.

We are also a part of The Economist Intelligence Unit, the world's leading resource for economic and business research, forecasting and analysis.

Why do we need your expertise?

Manufacturers of diagnostic products and medical devices must continuously adapt their existing products to changing environments and validate new product ideas. This is only possible with feedback from people who actually use the products. This is why we need your expertise.

Why should I participate?

  • Improve your working environment by helping to optimize the tools you are using every day.
  • You are one of the first to be informed about new ideas and products.
  • Sometimes you receive a summary of our research results, which enables you to benchmark your facility with others.
  • Sometimes we offer a compensation for your time:
    • Direct bank transfer to you or your organization.
    • Amazon voucher.
    • Donation in your name to an international aid organization. We collect approximately 4,000 € per year to benefit various organizations such as "Doctors without Borders", which we partner with.


What do I have to do?

Fill out the registration form on the left and confirm your email.

What happens next?

After filling out the form and pressing ‘subscribe’, your information will be forwarded to us. For legal reasons we need a “double-opt-in” which means that we will send you an email and you need to confirm that we are allowed to contact you.

From time to time, you will receive invitations from us to participate in certain projects. There is no obligation to participate in a given project. You have the option of accepting or declining participation in any project. Those who accept the invitation will then be contacted per telephone or over email to participate in an online survey, or, occasionally, for a focus group discussion.

We comply with data protection standards set by national and international organizations:

We store your contact details on a separate platform (mailchimp) to ensure your anonymity while taking part in one of our research projects. Before your interview is transferred to our analysis department, we remove all information which is connected to your private data.